How It Works: Simply connect your OEM Stereo Earphones to your device and experience a high quality sound along with a natural claear and super enhanced bass sound. Perfect noise cancelling technique that helps against loud and annoying noise. Include: You will receive one (1) OEM Stereo Earphones (EO-EG920) Black by Cellvare brand. |. These OEM 3.5 mm headphones are especially designed for your Samsung Device-everything you look for when you shop for a great set of stereo headphones; comfortable ear buds, fantastic sound, easy to use, small and compact. Extra ear buds are included in the package ensuring your comfort no matter your ear size.. The OEM, ODM, and Custom Products Team broadens the availability of the world famous Sound of Koss and gives users across other platforms the chance to experience incredible sound, which is what our Founder, John C. Koss, intended when he invented the World’s First SP/3 Stereo Headphones in 1958. If you are interested in learning more, please. "/>Oem stereo headphones wmicrophone for